by Nelly Kate

(free) 06:01


This is a cassette I recorded with Brent Delventhal, who mixed, mastered, and duplicated it in less than a week in his cabin in Fulton Hill. It's meant to serve as a demo for some future vinyl release in an extended form. We used some of the magical new Portal Pusher preamps and reverbs that Brent + Joe Lunsford have been building.


released July 5, 2015

Production + Engineering : Brent Deventhal
Album Artwork : Abbey Lee Sarver



all rights reserved


Nelly Kate Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Judging Diamonds
You were fabricated from the moment you began
So you blame it on yourself like a dirty little secret
Tearing at the lashes you have bound around your hands
You are blaming all your selves for your dirty little secrets

Military maven writhing through his Trans Am
Joy is like a colored fume you tear into like a bullet
Laughing through the Revlon as you drift into the sky
In a camera obscura you tear into like a bullet

You wear it like a crown
You brush it off for now
Track Name: Hands
Wrote it on your hands
Told you once or twice
It would be this way
You didn’t give a damn
Held your breath and tried
To walk away slow
We’ll never be so far
We’ll never be this way

I ma gninetsil tub I lliw ton eb deklat
Ta sa ruoy hcaerp eht lepsog
Fo ruoy etirovaf sgnos
Dna citoxe serutnevda
I ma dehcated
Tub uoy tonnac nwo em
Deirub ni na citahpme elip
Fo ruoy reve-gnivol ssendnik
Ekil deeps
Dekcarc hguorht eht lluks fo ym
Lanigram tseretni ni ruoy niht
Elytsefil gnitamiced ytinamuh htiw
Ruoy ecnalahcnon dna trevo fles-ytniatrec
Uoy era etihw-gnihsaw ym esrevinu
Ni na yarra fo flah-tcefrep saedi
Gnikcal ytirgetni dna tirg

I never wanted to be tangled up in you
I never wanted to be tangled up in glue
I never wanted to be tangled up in blue
I never wanted to be tangled up in you

Don’t try to loosen it
Don’t hide from it
Don’t hide your face from yourself
Don’t try to escape it now
Track Name: In Between
In between the stillness
And in between the silence
And in between our bodies
Where our breath fell like ash
In between the afterglow
In between where no one knows
But you
You know
You know how
How you’re ever going to ever make it right
Track Name: All of the Spaces
All of the spaces in between you fill them oh so well
With your silence
And your wantonness
All of the cracks in the silence you fill oh so well
With your apathy
You fill it in so well
With your uncompromising feelings
And you feel it out so often to tell
If you're still uncompromising

You take your photographs so gingerly and delicately
So as to not e'er disturb me
As if all of the time that you're moving around in my periphery
I won't notice
And we steal glances secretly
And we steal each other's frequencies
And we turn the dials away

What is this we call a relationship?
They say it's a matter of time and a matter of the circumstances.
What is this we call this ice cold stare that we trade;
in exchange for love?
You exchange all of my love

You take whatever you want
In exchange for whatever you have
What you have is nothing more
And you exchange my love
You exchange all of my love
Track Name: Unreceived
We were both young
Wrote it in our letters
And we told one another
All upon the window sills
And crumpled papers
It was our intent to do it justice
So we told one another
We could do it better
We knew we knew it all

Holding those philosophies
Like flowers in bouquets
And wearing them up in our hair
Like so
Tucking photographs
Between our favorite pages
Just to rediscover them
Some far off day

And you read my silence for naught

We don’t even try to hide it
It’s not worth our histories
To fold away into routines